Botanical Health Dispensary:
trustworthy patient-centred care

About us

We’re dedicated to helping patients by facilitating a medical cannabis dispensing experience that’s different to anything else available.

To us, you’re a person first – never just a number or yet another prescription. We know what it’s like to be waiting for your prescription or be unsure about the process – we’ve been there.

Every patient really matters to us, and we take responsibility for ensuring you’re happy, well-informed, and feel you can rely on us.

Meet the Botanical Health Dispensary team

Caroline Harvey and Hannah Deacon met in 2018 when Hannah needed help to obtain a licence for her son Alfie Dingley to receive medical cannabis.

With no precedent to follow or advice about how to go about getting this life-changing treatment in the UK, Pharmacy owner Caroline and Hannah worked together with specialist doctors and medical cannabis importers to make it happen, culminating in Alfie eventually receiving the desperately needed licence.

Soon after, Caroline, through Leyes Lane Pharmacy, dispensed the UK’s first legal NHS prescription for this type of cannabis for Alfie.

In different ways, medical cannabis changed both Caroline and Hannah’s lives. Botanical Health Dispensary empowers people to have a choice about their prescriptions, to provide a service that puts patients first, and to increase access to this safe and effective plant-based medicine.

Caroline Harvey

Caroline Harvey

Caroline made history by dispensing the first NHS prescription for medical cannabis in 2018.

A Pharmacist with 35 years’ experience, Caroline leads a team of eight colleagues at Leyes Lane Pharmacy, the Botanical Health Dispensary’s allied pharmacy based in Warwickshire.

Caroline is dedicated to providing medical cannabis patients and doctors with exceptional service and expert information about medical cannabis products.

Hannah Deacon

Hannah Deacon

Hannah is passionate about developing an ethical medical cannabis sector in the UK and supporting individuals and patients to access this life-changing treatment. Hannah works to increase access to medical cannabis through education, campaigning and tirelessly improving every part of the sector by ensuring patient’s voices are heard.

Hannah understands how difficult it can be to support a family member who lives with a chronic illness. Through Botanical Health Dispensary, she works to help create a more patient-focused prescription dispensing service, removing stressful barriers to access and supporting individuals and families to have a better quality of life.

How it works 

Through Botanical Health Dispensary’s allied pharmacy,  Leyes Lane Pharmacy, we can facilitate the delivery of prescriptions to patients nationwide.