Fulfilling your medical cannabis prescription

As a patient with a legal medical cannabis prescription in the UK, you have the freedom to choose how you fulfil your prescription and obtain your medication.

Through our independent allied pharmacy, Leyes Lane Pharmacy, patients and doctors can manage medical cannabis prescriptions.

They support you with information about your prescription and about the range of cannabis-based medical products available in the UK.

Patient-first dispensing

At Botanical Health Dispensary, we care about you and your prescription.

We understand medical cannabis and we also understand what it’s like to be a patient or have a patient in the family.

We know how important good communication is to you, and so we keep in touch every step of the way.

Information for patients and doctors

Botanical Health Dispensary gives patients and doctors more choice about fulfilling medical cannabis prescriptions, with expert and independent dispensing from people who care. 

Medical cannabis prescriptions explored

Is medical cannabis legal in the UK?

Medical cannabis became legal on 1 November 2018 following a campaign by parents including Botanical Health Dispensary’s Hannah Deacon.

Though to date, there have been only three NHS prescriptions for whole plant cannabis written, the private market is thriving with tens of thousands of patients benefiting from cannabis-based medicines.

How do I get a medical cannabis prescription?

In the UK there is now a range of medical cannabis clinics and GMC specialist doctors who can prescribe this treatment to you.

If your doctor is happy that you are suitable for treatment, they write you a private prescription. 

What health conditions can medical cannabis be prescribed for?

In the UK, medical cannabis can be prescribed for a range of health conditions where there is an unmet need – this means when previously prescribed pharmaceutical medications have not worked or provided relief for patients. 

Medical cannabis can be prescribed for people living with pain, psychiatric and mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, for people living with neurological conditions such as spasticity and migraine, for people with cancer, for those receiving palliative care and for children living with severe epilepsy.

I'm currently using another pharmacy. Can I bring my next prescription to you?

Patients have the right to choose how to obtain prescribed medication, and are under no obligation to only use a pharmacy linked to or recommended by a doctor or clinic.

If you have previously used another dispensary, you can fulfil your future and repeat prescriptions via the Botanical Health Dispensary. 

Do you issue prescriptions directly?

Through Botanical Health Dispensary’s allied pharmacy, Leyes Lane Pharmacy, we can facilitate the delivery of prescriptions to patients nationwide.  

What medical cannabis products are available through Botanical Health Dispensary?

Through Leyes Lane Pharmacy, we can facilitate the dispensing of medical cannabis products from Althea, Aurora, Bedrocan, Cellen, Emmac /Rokshaw (Adven range), GW Pharma, Khiron, Lyphe Group (Noidecs), Medcan SA, Spectrum and Tilray.